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Deep Freezer -25 Degree Deep Freezers : COMBI Laboratory is a professional China -25 Degree The Laboratory Freezer that is in order to meet the users of medical research and industrial field who require high performance, high accuracy and demand for space-saving, thermostat with sound and light alarm function, unique large area plate type evaporator, forced air circulation fan and effective space saving tank design were used. It can provide users with a more secure and reliable high-performance sample storage environment. Unique foam door style series Pharmaceutical Refrigerator makes sample keeping away from light, cooling quickly, energy-saving power, more suitable for energy-saving requirements, access frequently or users that require light protection

Small deep freezer

Small deep freezer

Product Details

Place of Origin:  China
Type:  -25 Degree Deep Freezers
Tags:   Deep Freezer

Payment & Shipping Terms

Price:  Negotiable
Minimum Order Quantity:  1set
Payment Terms:  T/T L/C
Product Description

Characteristics of the product function:

Contracted practical professional cold storage equipment, providing excellent performance, refined appearance, effective space utilization, humanized details design,  energy saving, cost-effective, all that make you easy to use.


1.Refrigeration System


· Imported famous brand compressor, stable performance, mute, energy-saving
· Shelves- evaporators design, fast cooling, temperature uniform
· Wire tube condenser, cooling fast, reliable to place near the wall

· Fluorine free refrigerants, safety and environmental protection



2. Temperature Control


· Microcomputer control temperature, -10~-25 ℃ adjustable, temperature sensing accuracy of 1 ℃
· Temperature bright digital display, can observe the running situation at any time
· With perfect sound and light alarm system (high and low temperature, the door alarm)
· With the start delay, stop interval and other compressor protection function.




3.  Structure design



· Elegant appearance, suitable for laboratory placed
· Foaming door, good heat insulation, energy-saving, high temperature resistance;
· Large volume, space saving, small occupation of space;
· Multi airbag magnetic seal, the sealing effect is good
· Thick foam layer, good heat insulation effect




4.Ergonomic Design


 · Seven layers of shelves, convenient for goods access
· Equipped with safety locks, to prevent the random opening
· Caster design, easy to move
· Mute design, low noise, easy to use

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