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New order for laboratory glassware washer

We Qingdao COMBI Medical and Laboratory Products CO.,LTD  who are  manufacturer & supplier of laboratory glassware washer, In the tender which issued by Bangladesh Council of  Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR), We beat many competitors, Including an European brands, We won the tender and supplied the laboratory glassware washing disinfector, Because we have always believed that fine quality as well as low price will help push the sales of our products. And we are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market. Now the quality of ours is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our price is not high as theirs.

At the present, almost of Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Factory in developed countries are using the laboratory glassware washing disinfectors, However, in developing countries, it is not popular. The fact that this device is very important for laboratory, We hope that through our efforts, let more users have the ability to use this device, the laboratory glassware washing disinfector can enhance the authenticity of the experimental data, and more importantly, it can more effectively protect the laboratory staff.

The key parts of our laboratory glassware washer all be imported, made in Germany or Japan, such as the Circulation pump, it is most important part for labware washer, made in Germany,  We uses these high-quality parts to ensure the reliability of the equipment, so our device has good performance in the market, and more and more customers choose us.

Welcome any inquiries if you are interested in our laboratory products, We hope our efforts to make the benefit in more laboratories.





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