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Without battery solar vaccine refrigerator exported

Last month, we received orders for customers in Singapore, export batch solar Freeze Dryer, will be used for store vaccine and medicine, Our medical refrigerators and medical freezers, since push to market, with excellent quality and very competitive prices, the majority of customer focus.

The Solar Vaccine Refrigerator is widely used in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Centers, Hospital, Bood Banks, and Research institutions. It is used for the cryopreservation of the blood, medicine, vaccine,reagent and biological products,etc. It is designed for the region with enough sunshine and poor electricity. Driven by solar panels without any battery, this ULT Deep freezer will not bring any negative impact to the environment.

Completely beyond traditional refrigerator driven by electricity and the fuel, to realize a low-carbon energy, green; play an important role in the power scarcity in remote areas at the same time, to become a global field of saved me cross the era of innovative products. The product at the same time through the PQS certification (World Health Organization about the performance, quality, safety professional certification), was selected as the World Health Organization (WHO) procurement catalog, the global healthcare market "pass" in the field of vaccine storage.
Currently, only the our solar vaccine refrigerator rely entirely on solar-powered, no battery, through high-efficiency solar panels with optimized electronic control system to ensure the normal functioning of vaccine freezer. Encountered the storage box multilayer ice floe, rainy weather, you can ensure that the inside temperature stable within 72 hours.
Laboratory Incubator has been involved in the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) project bidding, will weather in South America, Africa and other places, women, and children to provide safer, more reliable health immunization services.

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