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Introduction of low temperature deep freezer


Qingdao Combi Medical & Laboratory Products Co., a leading deep freezer and laboratory refrigerator manufacturer in China.
Low temperature deep freezer offers a wide variety of research and storage applications, such as low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of plasma, biomaterial, vaccine, biomedical product and testing low-temperature-resistant properties of military products. It is suitable for research institutes, electronic industries, chemical engineering industries, hospital, sanitation and anti-epidemic stations, university laboratories, and military industries.
2. Technical parameter
Refrigeration principle: single stage compression( Just one compressor)
Temperature: -15°C~ -40°C (Adjustable)
Capacity: 30L
Voltage: 220V/ 50HZ
Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH):470X490X1120(mm) 
Packing Dimensions (L*W*H):270*265*400(mm)
Chamber Material: stainless steel
Compressor: Danfoss
Fan: Germany EBM 
Temperature controller: Dixell
Refrigerant ( High stage): Mixed
3. Main Features
1.Unique refrigerating system, which is single stage compression, more energy-saving.
2.Environment-friendly, 100%CFC free.
3.Accessories of world-famous brand, ensuring the quality.
4.Designed according to the customers' individual demand, with high performance-price ratio
5.Alarms systems are available
6.Cooling fastly, it's efficient and energy-saving.  
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